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Burnt Offering crept into the bowels of the
underground in 1987 with the release of their "Death Decay"
demo. Nationally syndicated Rock Station Z-Rock chose the
track "Black Blasphemy" from the demo as the coveted "Wailer of the Month" (July, '87) and gave it consistent prime-time air play.

In the fall of 1989, independent Chicago label Walkthrufyre Records (now defunct) released Burnt Offerings self titled debut LP. to a legion of impatient, underground, thrash mongers. With Burnt Offering's collage of speed, thrash, crunch, violence, and death, tracks such as "Leatherface," "Power of Death," and "SlaughterhouseGrizzle" left fans in an irreversible disarray!

By 1990, Chicago concert promoters Jam Productions, invited Burnt Offering to share the stage with international
heavyweights: Death, Dark Angel, Kreator, Coroner,Sacred Reich, and Candlemass. Burnt Offering also had the privilege of opening forSepultura in their very first concert on American soil in Chicago.

Sadly, and quite prematurely, Burnt Offering called it quits in late 1990 due to mismanagement and hollow promises of their failing record company. Vowing to redeem themselves, all five original members held a conference in July of 1997 and decided that the timing was perfect for a resurgence of Burnt Offering!

Rehearsals began, and on October 25, 1997, Burnt Offering hosted their revival
performance at Chicago's Riviera Theatre, followed by a special Halloween concert supporting Mexico's Transmetal on Chicago's southwest side. In January of 1998,
Burnt Offering re- released their debut album on C.D. for the first time, and included the entire "Death Decay" demo. This release was retitled and called "Death Decay Complete." The C.D. was released on the band's own record label called Modern Day Recordings.

The release of "Death Decay Complete" was followed by a nine city tour of Mexico, in which the band smuggled 500
promotional compact discs into the country in order to saturate the undying Mexican Deathffhrash Metal underworld!

In the early spring of 1998, the C.EO. of Missouri based S.O.D. (Sounds ofDeath) Magazine and longtime Burnt Offering fan David Horn had caught wind of Burnt Offering's return. Horn called lead guitarist Jim Martinelli and expressed interest in releasing Burnt Offering's long awaited second loP. "Walk of the Dead" through his magazine and distribution outlets. Burnt Offering agreed and entered the studio in late summer of 1998 and pounded out their brand new masterpiece which was completed in October. Walk of the dead is now available on Modern day recordings